Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bella Donna Caitlin {WNY Boudoir Photographer}

 Caitlin is just the kind of woman made for boudoir and pinup photography and what you see below is just a small sampling of the images we took. A lot were too hot to handle for the public at large but I think the approved-to-share images illustrate just how great she was to work with. 

 The session was full of lots of "Aha! Let's try this!" sets since she brought an entire wardrobe to choose from and we each brought some fun ideas to the table. One set was based on a picture of Monica Bellucci, another  (not shared here) was burlesque and menswear inspired and the final set was just a subtle nod to the 50's housewife. 

Why did you book a boudoir photo session?

Melissa offered to do the session (as a wedding gift) and I thought it would be a beautiful opportunity to remind my husband why he married me.

Why did you choose Bella Donna Boudoir?

The pictures are always beautiful regardless of the woman's size or shape. I knew that I would look good.

How did you prepare for your session?

I looked at old pinup photos and some current magazines for poses I'd like and looks that I thought would look good on me.

Who are your images for?

The pictures are for my husband but also for myself, so I have proof when I'm old that I was hot. haha.

How was your boudoir photography the experience?

I had a great time and Melissa made me feel very beautiful. She took the time to do multiple sets and stylings so that I had a wide variety of shots to choose from.

How do you feel about your photos?

I love the pictures, they are all so beautiful. My husband wants an album with all the shots in it lol. That makes a woman feel good.

Did you have your Hair & Makeup done with us?

Yes I did.

Why should others?

Samantha was professional, she interpreted what I described and made it even more beautiful.

Do you have an interesting story about your experience?

Only that its not often my husband looks at me the way he looked at me after he saw the photos. We've been together a long time and it was a lovely spark for us. And I've had two kids in the last couple of years was nice to see myself in a way perhaps I haven't since I became a mom. I would encourage any mom to do it so they could feel that way too.

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